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About Peter


I’m Peter Gallotta.

I’m an LGBTQ+ political activist, renter, and climate justice advocate who gives a damn about our city and its future. I’m the kind of Democrat who believes safe streets, quality healthcare, affordable housing, and access to clean air and clean water are rights for all, not privileges for the few.


In March 2020, I was honored to be elected to serve on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SF DCCC), proudly representing Democrats in Assembly District 17. 

I’m running for re-election to the SF DCCC because we need a Democratic Party as bold as our city. San Francisco is facing real challenges as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we cannot afford to revert back to failed Reagan-era policies in the hope they suddenly deliver solutions. 


On the SF DCCC, I will continue to champion a San Francisco that is safe, affordable, and accountable for all. I will defend San Francisco’s Sanctuary City status, fight for more affordable housing, support investments in our public schools, and continue to support evidence-backed solutions to address the public health crisis on our streets.

I have always fought for a Democratic Party that represents community, not corporate interests. I have stood up to big tobacco, big real estate developers, and big corporations by supporting sensible regulation of e-cigarettes, universal legal representation for tenants facing an eviction, and a tax on ultra wealthy corporations to fund much needed affordable housing and homeless services.


The 2024 Presidential Election will be one of the most important in our lifetimes. Democrats across the country will need to come together and organize to defeat the billionaire-backed, anti-progress, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-science wave that is already underway nationally. San Francisco must be at the forefront of that fight and counter the billionaire money that seeks to influence our politics and control our policies even here in our own city. 


I have a proven track record of doing the work, and I’m ready to keep fighting to make our local Party the most engaged, inclusive, and progressive Democratic Party in California. 

I hope to earn your vote on March 5, 2024. 

— Peter

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